Its been such an amazing experience really working hard on my final major project at this university. It’s been extremely hard especially as things do go wrong. Not everything you think on your head will go right. I’ve learnt that you can’t rely on other people in projects. It is 100% my responsibility to make sure that everything works and runs smoothly. Its really taught me and made me a really strong person to have everything in control, whatever I need/want for my project, I will ensure that it is brilliant. I relied a lot on other people at the start – asking a girl who does prosthetics as a profession, to help me, she initially said yes, but messed me around and didn’t stick to helping.


Ive learnt that budgeting is key to ensuring that whatever project you work on,  you stick to your budget and work with what you have. I originally didn’t think I would be able to afford to fund all of the documentary and resources, but I borrowed a lot from people – for example the rope barriers from uni. Overall spread over the past 2/3 months I’ve spent about £500/£600 on the whole project.


It’s been amazing how connections can help too – even people you’ve met once and wouldn’t even think twice about ever needing them for anything. I met a guy on the Go Global Beijing trip, we have each other on Facebook, but I never thought that he would be showing me how to do certain effects on Premiere Pro. In an Art and Design world, it really is all about who you know. I’ve learnt that you’ve always got to keep connections and be nice to people because you never know when they could benefit you.


I’ve HUGELY improved with all of my software skills, especially Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere Pro. It really goes to show that practice does make perfect. I have spent about at least 9 hours every day for the past month and a half working extremely hard to ensure that my campaign graphics and any other animation have been up to standards. I now definitely think that because of working on these softwares everyday, I will have the confidence to apply it in professional practice in a design studio job.


Time management and sticking to deadlines was a struggle at the start of the project. I just wrote lists of what had to be done and then ticked them off. This was not an effective method of keeping on track with my projects as things weren’t done in time and it delayed any other aspects I needed to work on. By creating spread sheets with times next to them, this motivated me to complete work and meet deadlines to ensure I could move onto the next piece of work.


Overall I am pleased with the outcome, I have spent many hours and huge amounts of effort on this. It has made me realise that I can create good pieces of work as long as I am dedicated and work hard.




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