Ever since going to the Yayoi Kusama exhibition, at the Victoria Miro Gallery in East London, I have always though about how amazing the experience was, it wasn’t just an exhibition displaying her artwork but an experience.

I particularly loved how she created rooms, where you could immerse yourself and really take in her creativity. In particular the pumpkin room and the chandelier room (images in previous Yayoi Kusama post).

I have always said since the start that I want to create a final major project that when exhibited, people will want to go and see mine first. I want to catch peoples attention and create an experience for them. Creating something interactional (linking back to my essay on Guerrilla Marketing) which impacts the consumer a lot more than just a 2d print ad. I want to bring my project to life just like Yayoi Kusama by creating a box room for people to enter. This is why I have designed a room to mimic a club experience with a disco light, champagne, a screening of my documentary. Of course there will also be my campaign graphics – posters, infographics.


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