I have now practiced doing double chin prosthetics on my mum. I created a mould from modelling clay, let that dry overnight and then painted 6 layers of liquid latex over the top. I then peeled it off and tried to apply it to her face. This is the second time I have tried it and the second time it has failed to work. I understand that I am not a professional but it’s annoying me that after doing so much research and watching about 10 different tutorials and asking people who work in prosthetics, that it keeps going wrong.

It has gone wrong twice because when peeled off, the liquid latex has become wrinkly and doesn’t sit not he face well. It sags and doesn’t look realistic.

So after understanding why it has gone wrong after the second attempt, the solution is to try a mould one more time, and if unsuccessful then I will film without a chin and just pad her out a lot to become a 16.


image1 (1).JPG


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