I feel that despite the fact that my first attempt didn’t go well, this has really made me realise that nothing will go right the first time. I definitely should have practiced the prosthetics before doing it on the night. This would have ensured that the double chin would look as professional as possible. I’m not a SFX prosthetics specialist – I’m an advertising design student. But as much effort has to be put in as possible to make sure that it does look extremely realistic.

Another major key thing that I noticed is that I need to take control of my project more. I have relied on 3 people in this project so far – one has let me down completely and the other two aren’t always free to film. As its a busy time and during revision/exam/dissertation season, I should have thought more tactically about when most people are free – early March, and ensured that they have a long free period of availability just incase anything goes wrong – which it did. I also let Yana change the face slightly – making it more bobbly to blend in with how bad the chin was. I find it quite hard to be authoritative to people as I don’t want to come across as bossy, especially if they are doing me a massive favour by helping out.

I have just under a month until hand in and really need to make the most of my time questioning what when wrong, why it went wrong and what needs to be done to ensure it will work the second time filming. Questioning is key to improvement.

Here is a spreadsheet I made after what happened last night. What went right, what went wrong and how I can change it to ensure it is a million times better. This is my final major project and I really want to push myself to achieve the best possible outcome and grade.

equipment was not busy – blew cover and could not shoot queue
close up of prosthetics not enough research into what days the club was open
precise with script should have spoken to promoters for their advice
360 spin not time managed enough – need people who are free all day to start earlier
shots not close enough – need camera up in their faces
chin did not look realistic – practice on mum
did not sound personal enough
let us into club – was not a busy night
borrow camera from uni 9th may
find girl to shoot 12th 13th 7th may
film at the weekend to ensure it is busy, stick with original club libertine 12th 13th
start at 5:30pm on both nights to ensure enough time 12th 13th
get as close to the people as possible 12th 13th
buy modelling clay 5th may x
buy liquid latex 5th may x
practice on mum 5th 6th 7th 8th
do mould for new girl 10th may
look at more stacey dooley documentaries, tone of voice and body language 5th may
everything edited 17th may

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