Yesterday I filmed the first half of my documentary as Yana as a size 16. Overall, it was a huge let down as so much planning and research had gone into it. Firstly, the club ‘libertine’ that I  was going to go to on Wednesday and Thursday was actually closed this Thursday. So I had to improvise, ask around and find out which club was open on both Wednesday and Thursday. I chose to do it at Cuckoo instead – also a mayfair club but not as hard to get into.

The chin didn’t look very realistic. I tried my best to experiment with prosthetics and make it as realistic as possible but it honestly didn’t look very realistic. Also because it was completely empty they let us into the club despite Yana’s prosthetics and size 16 figure. However I did get quite a few negative remarks when we were walking along with Yana which backs up my social platform theory ‘The Halo Effect’. Because she wasn’t as small with a ‘model figure’, people were more negative towards her.

We padded her out with cotton wool and held them in place with bandages wrapped round. For the chin I created a mould of her chin and neck with modelling clay, which I left for a week to harden. I then applied layers of liquid latex to the mould, put setting powder over the top and then peeled it off. I then stuck the top half to her face with eyelash glue and continued to pad it with cotton wool underneath.

Tonight we will be filming the second half of her as her normal size 8 figure. Because the first half of the filming didn’t go well, I have had to improvise and stage a lot of the scenes. Not with the people but with voice overs.

I have created a script which I will use to mimic what door ladies normally say to those who are not up to their club look policy standards. I have also written a script which I will use for tonight when queuing up and talking to the door lady.

scripted doorwoman




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