As I have no experience in reporting at all, I have been researching how documentaries are structured, what body language to use and also tone of voice. All these little elements need to be perfect to ensure it is a smooth and successful documentary, especially as I need to engage with my audience as much as possible.

I particularly like Reggie Yates’ style (already mentioned him before) but also from looking at a a young female reporter – Stacey Dooley. She goes undercover and reports on controversial topics around the world. There is a documentary on young girls dressed as school girls who are paid to chat with men twice their age, and it really shocked me. Especially when it is in Japan – one of the most developed countries in the world.

I intend to use her presenting techniques when filming my documentary and have already practiced using voice notes on my phone to listen to how my voice sounds. I have  done this to break any speaking styles before I film the real thing.



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