I have been stressing a lot over the fact that the girl who was meant to help me with prosthetics constantly told me she would help but when I asked her if she’d made the mould she never replied. Seeing as time is running out and I need to pull everything together and film, I took the matter into my own hands and made the mould myself. Credit to youtube tutorials… I’m an amateur at prosthetics so that helped me a lot on which supplies and techniques I needed to use to create a double chin shape.

I used air drying modelling clay and applied it in layers onto her chin and neck. From there I used water and my hands to smooth out the clay and form it properly into 3 chin rolls. I didn’t want to make it too excessive because that would be taking it too far and would also be very unrealistic.

Next when it comes to the filming day next wednesday I will apply nude liquid latex ontop of the chin, dry it and then start using my paint palate to shade and make it look realistic. I will then brush over with translucent setting powder before heading out into Mayfair.



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