I have just finished ordering my business cards and an idea popped into my head of developing my ‘chat’ animation further by putting comments that people in the club industry have actually said onto coasters and put onto club tables. This will be a project within the project as it will be in interesting to see whether people will react or notice them.

I think by using these savage and unnecessary comments in Mayfair clubs, it will help people realise that these rules are immoral and change needs to happen.

An order has been put in for 1 of these designs each – 90mm/90mm round. I have also stuck with the colour palette however instead of using black I have used the pink. This is to ensure it stands out when in the dark venues.


do i loook mayfair enough?shes a lil bit fatsned me their instas so i can confirmsorry hunniesyou can all go in without her or leave with her

black coaster


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