So far I have been stressing so much simply because I have quite a few people involved in my project sand its been really hard to get everyone together at the same time to film. Especially as its easter time as well. Some are in Brighton while another is switching from London and Portugal.

The general digital campaign prep such as posters and invites have been under control as I know exactly which colour scheme and style I wanted to use.

As for the actual name of the channel/documentary, I have had to change it from Xenophobia to The Halo Effect as my research hadn’t been very thorough and Xenophobia is more to do with the hatred of people from different countries rather than looks. So The Halo Effect – founded by psychologist Edward Thorndyke is more to do with how we are less pleasant towards people who are not good looking and we are nicer towards people who we find attractive from their size, eye colour, hair colour etc.


The mould so far has been successful and I will be helping Manu to ensure that the saying and skin colour match Yana’s perfectly. It has to look as realistic as possible.


Tonight I’ll be filming for a teaser trailer by going to the area of Mayfair in London and filming my surroundings as well as the queue for the club to give people a taste of what is to come in the documentary.



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