From when I first started out creating campaigns for Amazon Fresh. I had only really researched what I already knew – what was already out there if I clicked around for 5 minutes. for example using  their signature Amazon orange and because of the word ‘fresh’ using fruit and veg in the graphics. But after talking to people on my course and Viv, I needed to experiment and research more into a niche to narrow the theme down, otherwise it would look like any other food campaign.

I definitely felt more confident when I looked into what people do on a Sunday – as from my demographics research, people do their online food shopping on a Sunday.

This helped guide me more into producing higher quality campaigns especially when it came to actually drawing little food characters with puns.

From breaking down the brief – I focused my target audience on people from 18-25 – student ages as we can’t be bothered to carry loads of heavy bags back home, because most of us don’t have cars. Students are pretty lazy when it comes to food shopping – so providing a service where food can be delivered to your door is perfect for them.

From looking at the final outcome – my typography which had been live traced was actually slightly too messy. Even though my style was meant to be sketchy, it was too messy and slightly hard to read, so I would definitely go back and change it when I have time.


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