I have literally been thinking about which club to film at for literally 2/3 months.. and finally have decided to film at a club called Libertine just off of Oxford Street in London.


I have previously had problems with them with friends not being able to go in because they were not the ‘ideal size 8 body’.  The way the door woman dealt with it was also disgusting saying the rest of us would have to go in without her or go home with her – there was no was she was coming in.

Having a friend literally cry because she is not good enough is a horrible thing to see. But sadly this happens all the time not just in London but all over the world. Today more than ever girls are expected to be a specific size and have big boobs and a perky bum. I personally believe social media has the main role in it all being very superficial for example the Kardashians posting pictures in waist trainers and having lip injections.

Clubs are there for people to go out with friends and have a good time – get drunk and dance. But for many girls and even guys, they get denied access to fun because they don’t want people who are not up to their standards.


I want to try and change this by shooting at Libertine – I don’t go there as often now so I don’t mind being banned (worst comes to worst). I have to also be careful that my main actress Yana and my filter Ana also don get into trouble as they also visit these Mayfair clubs regularly.

It will be a really tricky and risky thing to film.


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