Kazim Rashid

Kazim Rashid works primarily with culture, fashion, records, ideas, official title is creative director.



He asked us what we wanted to do: PR/advertising designer/Events

He went to Leeds uni, got a 2:1 in Politics and Middle Eastern studies but no one actually asked him what grade or degree he did.

Try as many things as possible, you’ll find what you want to do for the rest of your life. He finds it interesting to contribute to art and culture. He had no experience in anything art and design, but tried it anyway. So he created a  Blog/magazine, a platform to celebrate new and emerging art/music etc during early blog culture.  It helped him make a lot of relationships in different disciplines. He then set up a magazine, record label, set up a studio, became a dj and travelled the world for a while.


He then lived in Berlin, did consultancy for big companies. It was hard for him because it was a different culture and a different language to adapt to. He worked for  Warp Records which was very focused on not only the song but also the visuals for it.


Even through all these jobs, he was a freelancer. He did a virtual reality music video, which toured around Europe and South Africa.

Most things already exist, you need to make something new, ask yourself why before starting a project, it has to have purpose, a meaning and also most importantly be creative. We are living in the most turbulant times, if we as young people have the luxury to choose what we do and make things, it’s a very advantageous position to be in. Try to make work which deals and responds to your environment



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