As further experimentation and development of my documentary, I started researching into TV channel platforms such as MTV and Vice, and put them onto social media.  I am planning on making my own brand and using it as a way to promote my documentary coming up. I want to use this brand through social media to bring awareness to the documentary. This will also mean I will have to design campaign posters, these can be put around areas in London where people are interested in art, TV and media – e.g. Shoreditch, Dalston or Peckham. I found these poster ads in Shoreditch which are in the same style and colour scheme that I am looking to base mine on.




When I went to Berlin back in November I noticed that for any events going on they all used the traditional way of advertising using a poster stuck onto a lamppost or wall. I really like the idea of sticking things where you shouldn’t – which relates back to my essay with culture jamming and guerrilla advertising. I want to also use this technique to advertise as well as on social media.








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