I started looking at changing the colours from the standard Amazon orange tone to something literally more ‘fresh’ and fun.

I went through different colour palettes I already knew and thought they would look visually appealing.


CMYK print colours








Cooking colours



I then took a step back and realised I had not done enough research into the colours Amazon uses, or any of its competitors. Apart from my knowledge of Amazon’s signature orange, I needed to look further into other colour palette options. As these campaigns would all be digital – social media pages, I needed to find colour palettes that would be aesthetically pleasing especially when looking at a screen.










I still really liked the idea of pastels, as it steers away from dark traditional cooking colours and also primary colours. These colours make my work look too corporate. From my research on colours and branding of companies. I found that using the same colour but different shades also made it look too corporate, e.g. shades of red. so by mixing 4 pastel colours, this makes it more young and fun.




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