Wendy Mason – AA2A, national director

She ran a project, where she started making jewellery. It then because artists access to art.

Self employment as a career… as a lifestyle option. ‘Busting the myth that only the most self-motivated graduates go self employed’

There is a direct relationship between how hard you work and the amount you earn. She thinks it’s a great lifestyle option.

What do you wish you’d known after you’d graduated



Always have something to show on you, on your phone, showing your best pieces of work

What self employment looks like:

It’s your own business but much simpler than a partnership or limited company

You can still work with other artists on projects or employ people

It is not the same as a zero hour contract

It is simply a legal way of doing various jobs and paying your tax when it needs to be paid.

Freelancing is self employed. People didn’t think ‘self employed’ was a good thing to say, so people changed it to freelance.



Wendy believes now’s a great time to be self employed, especially during the recession, you can work whenever you want.

Limited companies protect you if you go bust and can’t pay builders etc. They can’t come after you for your house or car. You also pay less tax. Never go into partnership, if you want to work with someone, you should both go self employed.




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