My plan is to go to one of the top clubs in London with Yana, a girl who has said she is willing to participate in this documentary. Yana who is a size 8, will be padded out in cotton wool and SPX prosthetics. Yana’s friend is a SFX prosthetics professional so she will also be helping me out.

Yana and I will go these clubs, I will film the reactions of the door woman and security guards and how they will reject her due to her appearance. I want to film their behaviour and those around me.

Secondly, we will go the week after to the same club with the same door girls and security guards but this time with Yana as herself. I want to compare reactions and discrimination towards her when her looks have been changed. I also want to interrogate the staff and ask them why they are letting Yana in this week, seeing as it was her last week but ‘fatter’. I want to ask them whether they think it is morally right what they are doing.

I will also interview other girls and guys in the club and those who were also rejected and ask them for their opinions on the whole system. From my research and survey’s already – people are pretty angry. This issue needs to be exposed as we are all equal and shouldn’t be judged on the way we look. At the end of the day, people go to clubs to get drunk and have fun.



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