After not realising what I wanted to do, I sat down and made a list of things I enjoyed or liked. So I started writing down ‘cocktails, fashion, going out clubbing etc’ and thought to myself – where am I going to get with these.

After lots of thinking, I realise that when I out clubbing in Mayfair in central London, it was disgusting seeing how many girls weren’t allowed in because they were judged on their looks and weren’t up to the clubs ‘standards’. This is an issue which has literally made people cry outside and ruins a girls night. Especially as girls take hours on end to get ready anyway, it cuts their night short and lowers their self esteem. People should not be judged on their appearance or weight to suit clubs needs. And besides, not every man or guy likes skinny size 6 girls anyway.

This situation effects me personally too as there have been times where a group of us have had trouble getting in. A door woman has literally said to us ‘you all leave with her, or you all go in and leave her outside’.

I conducted a study to get peoples opinions on the situation as I know from people speaking about it briefly, that they do not agree with this system.





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