Darren Cullen is an Artist and Illustrator who Graduated from Glasgow doing  visual communication, wanted to do advertising, but he changed from that path.

As a child, got frustrated with wanting to own all the toys and always looked through the Argos catalogue or the toys sections in shops. He discovered that he had a passion for children toys and wanted to expose how childrens toys are really just a bit of ‘tat’.


His degree show final piece


Got called up the day before and was told he can’t put it up, called up clear channel and got it put up, The Sun did a story on it,

Had a break from art, joined a band

Came back to it and was interested children’s play, children’s play has been colonised by capitalism. Children using ironing boards, or cash machines or dolls

Set up a shop in north London

Child friendly imaging that companies use in their marketing and grooming children for the next generation of the brands, making the products seem less dangerous than they actually are.

Special control group – Strike Magazine, went round London putting up bus stop posters

‘Payday loans for kids’

Can get the hacking equipment to get into the bus stop billboards on the strike magazine website

People were really angry about the shop

Lots of reaction on Twitter

Cheetos – advert warning that eating Cheetos will lead to be you bring hooked – relating to drug addiction

Also has his shop in Dismaland

Sold prints and postcards

Became the gift shop of Dismaland

Took to Glastonbury

Took to a festival in Denmark

Kids there knew it was a scam

Not exposed to commercial pressures


MP3 player of voice of 5 year old girl

Newcastle city centre

Demoralising child’s play, showing what it actually is, propaganda of state violence

Thomas the tank

Rebranding the war, not all about guts and pain but more of a character building – for each new generation

Branding ‘they get the child, they own the adult’

Advertising debases our culture, degrades our language, contaminates our idea of what a human being should look like


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