Yvonne Gold came in to speak to the art students in the university today. She is a photographer who 10 years ago started making visual postcards and sent them to friends.


She barely spoke about her own work, but wanted share advice she had about her life in the art and design world.

The main thing about you is your point of difference, so if your logo looks cool then she will more likely follow you, rather than just a selfie. So having a logo which is very graphic that you can read is much more effective in promoting yourself as a designer.


Yvonne also spoke about who you want to attract, for example if you have an instagram page etc. You want to attract like minded people who ike your style and imagery. If you don’t have many pictures to upload then to pad out your work you could add your work in progress to show the process of your designs which would help when other companies or designers are looking at your page. So showing parts of you ur work, cropping images for example and showing 3 images of working progress is enough.

Posting at prime time is one the best ways to get more attention on instagram.


I personally didn’t really think this talk was relevant or helped me gain any knowledge. I have used instagram for about 5/6 years and I have always known that posting a picture at prime time (sunday-thursday 8-11pm) or (saturday morning or 7/8pm) or (sunday morning) these specific times are known that people are more likely to be on their phones flicking through instagram as they aren’t busy at work/uni and are most likely relaxing having dinner or in bed. Therefore posting a picture when it isn’t prime time is pretty pointless – you’re posting a picture for barely anyone to see, and after all, you’re posting this picture to get as many people to see it as possible.

What I did like however was the way she talked about padding out your page with working progress if you don’t have enough work already to show. Also she spoke about having a theme to your page, for example colour schemes and styles of your work which you would like to show – it all needs to link and look aesthetically pleasing as we are designers.




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