Yayoi Kusama at The Victoria Miro Gallery

The Yayoi Kusama exhibition was on this summer at the Victoria Miro Gallery. I had seen pictures of it on various social media and thought it looked really interesting and quirky.

When I arrived we were asked to stand in line for each installation. The first was Kusama’s spotted pumpkins. The reason why she made pumpkins was because it reminded her of comfort and being with family in their home, as her mother always used to cook with pumpkins whether it be pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie.

We queued for the pumpkin room and I think its safe to say the it was so worth the hour wait. As soon as you step in its a box room with mirrors on the floor, ceiling and all 4 walls. On the floor there were about 50 lit up pumpkins. It was amazing seeing the pumpkins reflected everywhere..on the ceiling and on all the walls. It literally looked like the pumpkins were never ending which created such a fantastic illusion.

However it was annoying as we didn’t get to properly appreciate Kusama’s work as you were only allowed 20 seconds to have a look around and take a few pictures. It just goes to show that this exhibition which was brilliant, could not be properly appreciated especially in today’s society where its all about sharing and posting on social media of things you see or do. If we were given longer inside the box of pumpkins it would have definitely been a better exhibition.

After we then saw the reflective illusion room of chandeliers which was similar to the pumpkin room. The chandeliers were spinning wheel you were in there which gave it quite a trip effect.

Outside of the gallery was a pond with hundreds of metal balls floating in it and moving with the current of the water in the pond. Although Im not too sure why she did this, it looked really effective and futuristic.



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