Essay Question and Research

After researching and narrowing down 4 questions to just 1, I decided to look at Guerrilla Advertising as it is something that since being at university and doing this course, has really made me interested in the effects it has. I find it really interesting seeing peoples reactions to Guerrilla advertising as you can use your surroundings to your advantage to promote a product. The simple use of creating a 3d installation – in my personal opinion – automatically engages the consumer or public straight away. They can touch it, or see it or smell it. So using senses can be a really effective way of advertising.


I started looking at the most famous and effective Guerrilla advertising and I found that the most effective and funny adverts were the ones which used everyday objects such as doors and walls as we utilise and see these objects all the time. They were mostly put in public spaces or places where a high number of people would be in at one time such as shopping centres or public transport.



Agency: Adholik – Creative




Agency: Sharpie




Agency: Michael Kaminski and Kamil Kowalczyk (Creatives)



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